Sarasota Endodontics: Marineyda Oyola, DMD

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Patient Review by Paul S

Everything went very well. Entire staff was professional, caring, and competent. My visit went as well as could be expected. The visit was not quite so much fun as a wedding reception (pre-Covid19), but it was fine.

- Paul S

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Patient Review by Gayle Z

Very Happy with the service Very professional Would recommend

- Gayle Z

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Patient Review by JAMES A



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Patient Review by JAMES A



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Patient Review by Ronald W

Procedure was explained as to what was to be done.

- Ronald W

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Patient Review by Servaas K


- Servaas K

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Patient Review by Joselyn I

Wonderful culture of love, humor and professionalism. They were very caring and conscious to ask how you were feeling and making you feel as comfortable as you could be.

- Joselyn I

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Patient Review by Linda P

I received excellent care, and was quite comfortable throughout the procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Oyola and her team.

- Linda P

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Patient Review by Dave R

All Staff, and Dr. Oyola in particular, made me feel comfortable and safe during a fairly traumatic procedure due to an existing infection.

- Dave R

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Patient Review by Marjorie C

This was a very positive experience and I'm so glad my dentist referred me to Dr. Oyola! I felt listened to, cared for and confident in her expertise and judgment. I have another root canal that also needs retreatment. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

- Marjorie C

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Patient Review by Jeff W

I had a wonderful visit. The doctor and staff were very professional. If anyone needs root canal treatment I would highly recommend Dr. Oyola. She is awesome.

- Jeff W

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Patient Review by Ivana O

I took my daughter in for endodontic treatment and everyone was very friendly and professional from beginning to end. My daughter is 9 years old and they treated her with great patience. They talked her through the entire procedure and comforted her so well that she even took a nap during treatment! I will definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thank you all!

- Ivana O

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Patient Review by Deborah B

Great experience! Dr Oyola and her staff are very kind and professional!

- Deborah B

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Patient Review by Bob S

I am completely satisfied with the care I receive from Dr. Oyola and staff.

- Bob S

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Patient Review by Joseph L

Over the top professional!

- Joseph L

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Patient Review by Linda P

My consultation appointment was everything a patient needs. Friendliness, expert opinions and clear, informative diagnosis, and clear directions for ongoing measures for dental health.

- Linda P

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Patient Review by Michelle T

I had major anxiety about the procedure and the Dr and her assistant were amazing... very respectful of my fear and with their compassion I made it through.

- Michelle T

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Patient Review by ian m

An excellent and prompt service

- ian m

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Patient Review by Gary S

Who likes s root canal on a Monday morning!!! But if you need one this is the best place to be. Excellent care.

- Gary S

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Patient Review by Dennis B

For a root canal, I would say excellent experience. Like many I dislike going to the dentist. I was made to feel comfortable, listening music in air buds, pain free, and no side effects. Result is great!!!

- Dennis B

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As far as root canals are concerned, the only place I will ever go is to Dr. Oyola’s office.  The office has a sense of peace when you walk in.  The staff was very nice and accommodating to my anxiety.  Dr. Oyola’s gentle and soft touch and demeanor was just what my nerves needed to calm down.  Her knowledge and explanation of my situation was very impressive.  I knew I was in good hands.  When I needed to take a break she was very understanding.  The dental clinic is extremely clean and well run. Would absolutely recommend this office to my friends and relatives.

Ann Swartz   3-31-2015

Like most people, I’ve always dreaded root canals. In the past, when a dentist recommended one, my response was always an immediate UGH! That all changed after I went to Dr. Marineyda Oyola. Since then, my whole attitude toward the procedure has changed!! In addition to being an exceptionally skilled professional, whose focus is solely upon Endodontics, Dr. Oyola exhibits a warm, caring manner and meticulous, pain-free care in a comfortable office atmosphere. In my opinion, this is unprecedented in a field in which many general dentists offer to “do” root canals (as mine did), but few have either the skill or experience to perform the task as superbly as a specialist. Dr. Oyola’s approach is friendly, rather than cold or intimidating and she patiently answered all of my many questions with clarity and graciousness. In addition, when my regular dentist examined her work, he told me he was very impressed. Based upon my experience, I unhesitatingly and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone requiring Endodontics.

Robert R. Fuller

As with most people, I’m not a fan of dental work. From the moment I walked in the office the whole staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. The measures that the staff, including Dr. Oyola herself, went through to endure I was comfortable and at ease were just incredible. I have never been to a dentist or endodontist whom had put so much effort into taking the stress, fear, and discomfort out of the visit as they did at that office. The “movie glasses” were especially a nice touch which made the time fly by! Even the follow-up phone call the following day was a nice touch! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Oyola to anyone, ESPECIALLY if you have fear of dental work like me!

R. Davidson

I came to Sarasota as a stranger and needed to have some endodontic work on a back tooth before major surgery. When I found Dr. Oyola and her wonderful staff, the picture changed from confusing and alone to warm and caring. Thank you so much for making my entry into the Sarasota medical community so positive. Both your work and your compassionate approach can be recommended to anyone.

Alexandra Cooper

My experience with Dr. Oyola and her staff was superb in every aspect! Dr. Oyola’s calm and warm personality, combined with her expertise, made the procedures as pleasant as possible. Her staff was wonderfully helpful and cheerful, assuring my comfort wherever possible. I must admit to being somewhat fearful approaching my first visit, but those fears were quickly allayed. I would highly recommend Sarasota Endodontics and Dr. Oyola to anyone needing complicated dental procedures.

L. R. L.

Dr. Oyola recently treated my root canal. Not only was my treatment a pleasant one, but it was done in a very competent and professional way. Dr. Oyola and her staff were extremely kind and considerate of my needs, making this experience an excellent one. My general dentist was very favorably impressed with the quality of Dr. Oyola’s work as well. I would definitely recommend Dr. Oyola’s office for those in need of her service to my friends and relatives.


Thanks again Dr. Oyola for the excellent treatment I received from you and your staff with my recent root canal. When I was seen by my regular dentist I was told I might need a root canal, I immediately decided to come back to your office. Last year, I had another tooth treated by you and remember the excellent service I received then. I would recommend your office to any of my friends and relatives.


This office offers a caring professional environment.  Dr. Oyola and her staff make sure the patient’s needs are met and go the extra mile to provide comfort.

Dana Kline